A Quick Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Real Estate Talent

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A Quick Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Real Estate Talent

Within an ever-changing landscape, growing your Real Estate team successfully can be a challenge.

Whether you're following the quality over quality method where you're stacking licensees within your team and hoping they're productive, or the quality over quantity method where you're filtering top talent before onboarding, retention will determine your runway. There are several components to consider when building a team and offering incentives that target the needs of each recruit. From the motivated and eager new licensee looking for support, the seasoned agent that is looking for the industry-leading tech, or the compassionate people-person that thrives within the community, targeting each persona doesn't have to be difficult.

Here are a few tips you can consider using today to accelerate your growth tomorrow.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. - Richard Branson
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What are Agents looking for?

It's important to know what type agents you want to be bringing aboard to represent your brand and support your growth trajectory. To capture attention and conversions, your industry presence should reflect points that are both attractive to your Buyers, Sellers and prospective Agents. Leadership and expertise in the field is an attribute agents can get behind but this isn't the only thing agents are looking for.

Including different areas of your agency like Culture, Technology, Commission Plans, Community, Leadership, Case Studies, and other differentiators like equity or health insurance can help get agents through the door. Visually demonstrating these areas through a single page IDX recruiting form can be difficult. By including these aspects of your business through a dedicated careers website, you're targeting the various personality types of your prospective recruits, gaining valuable SEO that associate your messaging to your brand, and breaking apart your business to include your property-focused offering on the frontend and your career opportunities on the backend.

Is technology important?

Influencers in the space that announce the importance of technology like Inman create buzz to drive brokerages and agents to use the latest tools.

Isn't that a good thing?


However, if you're not a tech-savvy agent and rely on tools like Microsoft excel to organize your sphere and prospects, you might get deterred when sourcing a new agency that offers a full-suite of technology and automation. Most agents can get behind tools that make their jobs easier by automated listing alerts, drip campaigns, behavioral automation that handles the follow-up from leads browsing your website, and more.

Providing this technology at a monthly or annual cost is a great way to offset expenses but it may detract super-star agents that can boost the bottom line. When it comes time to handle the interview with a new recruit, be sure to ask questions to gauge their experience level with technology. Having someone inexperienced or unplugged from technology may not be a bad thing - just compliment their strengths by incentivizing them with something they deem to be important and what they're looking for.

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What's going to help me today?

This all depends on your current placement of where you are in your business. Setting micro and macro goals will be the difference between scaling to 100+ agents this year or next year. Consider establishing your offering to include the key points mentioned above and doing extensive research. Looking at successful brands can sometimes be a shortcut when it comes time to outline your own beliefs and impact offered to agents. One for the first things you can do is establish your career opportunities through a comprehensive website. Setting up the commission breakdown and payouts through software like BrokerSumo will help with the logistics and administrative backend.

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