Here's Why You Should Destroy your Single Page Recruiting Form

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Here's Why You Should Destroy your Single Page Recruiting Form

Offer your new recruits a content-rich experience where all aspects of your brand are represented.

If you've used Real Estate software/website bundles in the past that give you the system in the back with the IDX website in the front, you've probably noticed that their recruiting functionality their software falls short. With each software solution, you get a limited page (or portion of the page) that allow you to embed a video, paste in your careers copy, and include a few links to attract new recruits! Sure, the IDX listing functionality is on point but these sites are Buyer/Seller centric - meaning not ideal for your recruiting needs and often leave you with limited options.

Maybe you don't have a software/website bundle. Maybe your a growing your team that is using one product for your lead management and follow up, one product for your transaction management, one product for your email marketing, one product for your compliance and back office for new agent onboarding, and you have a WordPress site with an IDX Broker plugin or Showcase IDX plugin?

What a mess!

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. - Howard Schultz
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What your Getting with an Independent Website

Big hitters in the industry like Compass, eXp, Fathom Realty, RE/MAX, Realty One and others are sending their new recruits to a separate website dedicated to recruiting. These pages are filled with incentives, culture, commission plans, technology, community impact, free resources, and of course, a solid sign up form.

But why is that?

One of the most obvious reasons is analytics and re-marketing. Installing your Facebook Pixel on your IDX website can get messy when you you're trying to retarget your Buyers and Sellers with advertising and you're capturing prospective agents as well. In todays market, you brand, message, and delivery is a reflection of future opportunities for your recruits. When you're held captive to an IDX website recruiting form, you lose out on all the areas of your brand that need to pack that powerful punch to set appointments. With a dedicated recruiting website, you're in control of the representation of your brand - from the custom font you use, to the differentiators that drive you apart from the pack. On top of that, it makes using 3rd party tools to capture sign ups and engagement 100% easier and more effective.

If you're ready to make the switch and leave your lonely recruiting form in the rearview mirror, contact our team today to discover how easy and affordable it is to get started!

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