3 Free Integrations Every Real Estate Recruiting Website Should Have

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3 Free Integrations Every Real Estate Recruiting Website Should Have

Optimize your website for initial lead capture and follow up.

The internet contains hundreds, if not thousands, of widgets like commission calculators, embeddable calendars, chat bots, and more. Navigating this ocean of valuable add-ons can be overwhelming - and pricy, depending on where you're looking. This tip will cover 3 FREE integrations you can start using today on your Real Estate website and the best part - they take minutes to set up.

"The great growling engine of change – technology." - Alvin Toffler
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Website Communications

Chatbots aren't new. They've been around a long while and it seems the runway for optimization and efficiency is extending each year. Love them or hate them, chatbots are here to stay and they are invaluable to have. From providing immediate resolution for questions to a simple welcome message, having these handy helpers is a lifeline for your business. Chatbots have become popular in the past few years due to scaling advancements in machine learning and other technologies such as natural language processing.

1. ManyChat

Do you ever wish you could have a personal assistant that could be responsible for impeccable response time and provide professional follow up to your clients - without costing you a thing? Welcome to ManyChat.

If you have a Facebook Business page (which most growing brokerages, teams, and agents have), then integrating ManyChat is a must-have. ManyChat is a software application built on top of Facebook Messenger. they have a full suite of "Growth Tools" that make capturing your web visitor's attention easy and lucrative.

Like most software companies, they have a Pro version that opens up even more bells and whistles but getting started is free - and has everything you need to build your lead list today. In fact, we use ManyChat here on our site! ManyChat allows you to build (or use one of their pre-built Real Estate templates), a fully automated machine for handling common questions, concierge-like "flows" that can guide your visitor through the Home Search process, Selling process, and more.

Don't believe it? Chat with us now and see for yourself.

Our automation is tied around web design and development services - so don't expect to get your Homes Value or anything like that. Our point is, once you start engaging with the chatbot, it maintains a human-like experience while servicing your questions and responses.

Interested in having us assist you with the initial setup and creation of your automated flows? Contact us through our ManyChat here on our site to setup a quick call!

Appointment Setting

2. Calendly

You've likely heard of Calendly if your business depends on appointment setting. Calendly is a powerful and amazing software that allows your clients, prospects, or anybody else effortlessly book time on your calendar for an appointment.

The integrations list is pretty impressive and because there is a Zapier integration, you ca tie your appointment times to SMS alerts, popular CRM's, and so much more. The interesting part is that the embeddable options it provides are often overlooked! They offer multiple embed options like a floating button on the bottom right of your website, an inline clickable link that triggers a pop-up window, or embedding the actual calendar directly into your website via an iframe.

Getting it on your site is an easy copy and paste widget so anyone can install it!

Their Pro version comes packed with add-ons like post-booking URL forwarding to send them to a splash page after booking but the Free version is 100% useful. Not interested in displaying the "Powered by Calendly" ribbon on your calendar, upgrade to Pro - it's worth the investment.

Need help navigating the Calendly landscape? Our team can guide you through the initial setup and recommend embed options for your GetMeAgents site or your current site! Fill out our contact form and upon submission, book a time (through Calendly) to speak to one of our developers.

Multi-Software Data Transference

3. Zapier

This headline above is a mouthful but don't be detracted, it's actually quite simple to use Zapier. Zapier acts as the middleman between multiple softwares you're probably already using!

What do you mean middleman? We're referring to the transference of data between softwares.

Let's say your using a CRM, like kvCORE, and want to add a new lead to your MailChimp email marketing list when they register on your IDX website. In Zapier, you can create a "Zap" or workflow that will handle that. Needing to create a custom form that captures more data than what your IDX site allows? Use a 3rd party form builder like TypeForm and embed it on your IDX website. Once that is done, create another Zap that passes the new form submission back to your CRM via Zapier!

Zapier has thousands of apps that can integrate tools you're already using. Its WordPress friendly and is becoming a staple integration for every new software that is surfacing to the market! It's free to use for your first (5) Zaps (or workflows) and you get a whole lot for the cost - which is nothing. They too have a few upgradable plans that open up the possibilities for further data expansion and efficient processes.

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